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Saxon Sawai

Sought after for his warm smile, and genuine demeanor, Saxon is the poster boy for all things Romantic...


My Biography

Sought after for his warm smile, and genuine demeanor, Saxon is the poster boy for all things Romantic! But delve deeper and you'll find that behind that friendly and charming face lies a highly trained martial artist who's ready to attack at a moment's notice!

Born in Honolulu to parents Greg and Deborah Sawai, along with sister Lyssa, and bred on his grandparents' kaukau,(Hawaiian Food), Saxon showed a talent in performing arts at an early age. Whether it was Karate, Hula, or Breakdancing Saxon was always on stage and at the center of attention. After his stint as the President of the Hip Hop Club in college, he became a missionary and gave 2 years of non-paid service to the people of Japan.

Upon returning to Hawaii Saxon finished up his degree in International Business Management and would go on to have a very successful business career. Eventually, he decided that he needed a change, and that acting was the ideal fit for his versatile look and creative personality.

With the intent of finding an agent, Saxon auditioned for the Kathy Muller Agency and was offered a contract. From there, he booked a featured role in a Hawaiian Airlines commercial and lead role in the WW2 reenactment documentary called “Voices Beyond the Barbed Wire.” Most recently, Saxon played the role of Daniel Hong in the season’s top-rated Crossover episode of “Hawaii Five-O.”

Throughout his acting career, Saxon has been a doctor, FBI raider (on Netflix’s “The Naked Director”), police officer, yakuza, samurai, international spy, and recently booked a supporting role in China's biggest action film for 2020 called "The Rescue." Perfect for his acting chops, as well as his karate chops!

When not on the set, Saxon can be found traveling the world and eating sushi! Multi-talented and successful, Saxon is destined to become one of the "Must Watch" stars for the coming years.