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    Saxon Sawai

    Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on November 11, 1981. With Japanese and Hawaiian Ancestry. Through out my life I had studied and acquired high level skill sets in Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


    My Resume

    A glimpse of the amazing experiences I got to do.

    My Biography

    Sought after for his warm smile, and genuine demeanor, Saxon is the poster boy for all things Romantic! But delve deeper and you'll find that behind that friendly and charming face lies a highly trained martial artist who's ready to attack at a moments notice! (Ie. If Henry Golding trained to fight under Mister Miyagi)

    The Hawaiian Japanese actor was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Greg and Deborah Sawai along with his sister Lyssa.

    Saxon attended Kamehameha high school where he was involved in sports, Hawaiian culture, and performing Hula! During this period he was also deeply involved in community service and attained the highly coveted rank of Eagle Scout.

    After graduating high school Saxon served a 2 year church mission giving service to people in Japan.

    Saxon attended Brigham Young University Hawaii where he received his degree in International Business Management. While in college, Saxon performed as an entertainer for the Polynesian Cultural Center and also served as the President of the Hip Hop Dance Club.

    Saxon finally decided to pursue his passion for acting after having had a successful business career. He is most recently known as Daniel Hong in Hawaii 5-0’s Crossover episode which had season high ratings! Also, as Akira Otani in the World War 2 documentary "Voices Behind Barbed Wire." As someone with a very versatile look, Saxon has played roles such as a Doctor, FBI, Police Officer, Yakuza, Samurai, International Spy, and yes you guessed it...a Rich Asian! He has been featured in many TV commercials including Microsoft, Universal Studios, and Hawaiian Airlines to name a few. He loves traveling the world and is fluent in Japanese!

    Demo Reels

    My Demo Reels

    Watch some short reels with me.

    Stunt Reel